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The alto-tenor duets are magnificent. Not to mention the fine performance of the young countertenor William Shelton in the "Suscepit Israel". By its applause, the audience shows its total satisfaction.
RESMUSICA 20/11/2017 (Full article in french)

His warm, velvety timbre keeps an equal beauty from the lowest (the first notes of Bruhns' De profundis) to the highest (Buxtehude's Klag-Lied). He also gives this grieving and painful page all the gravity it requires, with a sober interpretation, full of restrained emotion, based on a perfectly declaimed text.
OLYRIX 7/02/2018 (Full article in french)

The concert opens with De Profundis set to music for the alto voice by Nikolaus Bruhns, a student of Buxtehude. William Shelton, with his confident and well-sounding voice, is the ideal introduction to the subject.
RESMUSICA 9/02/2018 (Full article in french)

[...] the excellent countertenor William Shelton, who plays the role of the Messenger, announces Eurydice's death from the end of the nave, and this spatialization brings a new expressiveness to the dramaturgy. 
RESMUSICA 25/10/2018 (Full article in french)

The urgency, the dramatism of the recitatives and tunes entrusted to the countertenor, William Shelton, are served by his long breath and agility. The tone is clear, incisive, with strong low notes. 
FORUMOPERA 30/08/2018 (Full article in french)

[...] he showed far better quality in the second aria than the first, but both displayed his careful attention to detail and the fine quality of his voice, which he used intelligently to characterise Tolomeo. He possesses a wonderfully expressive voice and was attentive to the words, and displayed an ability to form beautiful long lines, which he adorned with subtle embellishments.

[…] nous sommes conquis. En effet, le O Jesu (Schütz) chanté par le contre-ténor William Shelton séduit. Sa voix cristalline et gracieuse accompagnée de deux luths et une harpe nous transporte.
CLASSIQUEMAISPASHASBEEN 12/03/2020 (article complet)

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